Works In Progress: Upcoming Interview with Thurston Howl and a Challenge With Alexis A Hunter… 3/09/17

I really envisioned posting more often here, but here are two things going on in my creative life that I can talk about.

The first is I’m prepping to post my interview with the cute and talented Thurston Howl. The only thing left to do is bug him until I get a picture of his bookshelf. Hey, that’s why we call the column “Shelfies.” I think bookshelves and bookcases are some of the most revealing things in the universe. To be honest, I’m the type of Horse that whenever I see a bookcase in a porno, I just gotta zoom in on the book titles.

Umm, I promise the Interview is cleaner than that last image might imply.

But, be warned, I am getting Class Comics into my interview queue. 🙂 That’s another story.

Also… this happened:


I swear it’s a friendly thing. She wrote my favorite story of 2016 and I feel honored to be able to share a race like this. Plus we plan to swap completed stories when we’re finished.

Which is what I should be working on now that Thurston’s Interview is mostly done!

Carry On! And thanks for being out there.