REVIEW: Turbo Slut 5K by Mr Deadman

Disclaimer: I was given a free copy in exchange for a review.


When you pick up a self proclaimed “ultra-violent and brutally offensive novella for perverts only,” you certainly cannot complain when that is exactly what you get. Vivid and offensive descriptions jump right into a world where bad men are fucked to death by science defying cyborg women of the night.

Three women appear to have been unwillingly altered and converted into multi-purpose sex slaves, and thanks to an unseen entity calling herself “Momma,” they’ve been able to escape the final stages of their programming and begin a course of revenge in an somewhat post-apocalyptic universe (I’m assuming, it’s clear that Trump was in control of the country for at least four years in this near future). Momma’s agenda is not perfectly clear; for her rescued girls are treated to continued sexually weaponized upgrades.

Mr Deadman twists some great and interesting word choices for the darkest and wettest of the scenes. Yet, there are some clunkers in the dialogue, instances where the author decides deliver too many bon mots instead of dialogue that might advance the story or when the race of the villains is used too often and without much literary discrimination (pardon the pun).

“I’m not doing it for them. I’m doing it for me. If I don’t want to fuck me, then its not good enough,” said Alexis, as she bent forward to get a closer look at her reflection.

The plot’s enough to hang Quentin Tarantino’s hat on and to get a treatment at Troma, if you wanted to play up the humor and campy (but painful) death scenes. Neither men nor women are treated with anything like respect. Humanity itself is mocked in the arc of this story; and considering it is a future world that let Trump be president, I cannot defend humanity.

The novella’s ending is very unsatisfactory, hinting that this book is a mere installment. If this is the case, I would have preferred the book had ended with Chapter 5. It was a well composed and well balanced chapter with more than satisfactory interplay with the girls and their targets. The cameos were perfect and priceless. Mr Deadman’s horrific mockery of the RNC and its guests were the highlight of the book. It felt like a climax and you just want to light up a cigarette and enjoy the afterglow.

The final battle scenes, after the girls have too much attention cast on them, sadly feels like a bit of an afterthought. Or like the last few songs at a Meatloaf concert; dude, singing louder doesn’t make up for not hitting the high notes.

Sometimes less equals more (pardon the cliche).

Still, this satisfied my itch for violence laden porn. If you need a story to rekindle your contempt of society, I can recommend Turbo Slut 5K to you.

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