The Goat wins 2016 Cóyotl Award for Best Novella

The sixth annual Cóyotl Awards Ceremony was held this Saturday evening at Furlandia in Portland, Oregon. The awards seek to uplift works of furry literature and give the best of the year a chance to shine and perhaps get more public recognition.

Unlike its Furry cousin, the Ursa Major Awards, Cóyotl Awards are not open to public voting. The Cóyotl Award winners are the recommended, nominated, and ultimately selected by the members of the Furry Writers Guild. Continue reading

WIP & Rough Plans For May

One of the problems of being a draft horse, is that there’s never enough time in the day to sit down and type (it takes so much longer to type when the keys keep getting stuck in my hooves). It’s even worse when you’re a ROUGH DRAFT HORSE and you have trouble focusing.

To be honest, my follow-thru game is a bit more like fallow-thru, if you’ll ignore the farming pun.

Or if you won’t. Continue reading