Catherine Lundoff

Last Week I posted one of my public to-do lists on Twitter. LET’S SEE HOW I’M DOING!

NOT too badly, except I thought it would just take a week to do the first three. I had to put #1 aside to handle taxes when I sort of realized that April 17th wasn’t months and months away…

  1.  format my wonderful interview w/
  2.  reply to interview for MY upcoming book (done)
  3.  reply to another interview about about The Goat (done)
  4.  finish my furry horror story for (heh… I’m like 26k over the word limit and Howl is not going to let me submit this novella novelette chap book for his anthology Slashers, but I still want to finish this) or a smaller short before the May 1st deadline.
  5.  finish my novelette/novel with Jinx and Cecil for me (that’s unrealistic for a short term goal, but I meant the current arc from Jinx’s POV — Cecil and Jinx, btw, will be appearing in Roar 9, the resistance issue, as I converted a chapter into Qibla).
  6. learn stuff about VR games (did I mention my new job at Ctrl V in Howell, NJ? I’m a manager!).

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