ROAR 7 review by Greyflank

(Full Disclosure: I have a story in this book: Unbalanced Scales, is the 6th story in the book. It takes place in the same universe as last year’s Brooklyn Blackie and the Unappetizing Menu, just 40 years later. I will “review” that story last. I mean, I could skip it entirely, but I do so like talking about myself and my stories.)

Mary E. Lowd returns as editor for Roar this year and completely avoids the curse of the 2nd album! The theme this year is LEGENDS. There are 17 takes on what makes a legend from 17 different authors. While some are more successful than others, there are no clunkers – for me, at least. Your mileage may vary.

As is my wont, I’ve written a little review of each story, so lets get to it.


Crouching Tiger, Standing Crane” by Kyla Chapek
A Shaolin Legend; the Origin of A School of Martial Arts Continue reading

Marketing Notes: Rough Plans for October 2016

The month’s half over, so it’s about time for me to start planning on how I’m going to promote my book, The Goat: Building The Perfect Victim for October. The book was officially released on October 1, 2016, so you can see how well I am doing.

So, in the interested in publicly shaming myself and working this post into something possibly educational (if only to future me). Here are my goals that I need to hit and the monetary impact that they will have on present me and that stranger, future me.

  1. Get the word out on The Goat appearing as a Pitch Perfect nominee on the Underground Book Review. I need to get people to vote for The Goat. What do I win? Bragging rights and a book review. A good honest review is priceless, so it is a prize worth winning.
  2. Speaking about reviews, I need to contact many book bloggers and suggest that The Goat, despite not being a traditional M/M romance book, might be worth their time to read and review. Or maybe even interview me. So, if you have a book blog, I may get to you soon. Of course, seeing my organizational skills in action, you might be better off contacting me directly thru the contact page.
  3. I need to hook up with the Horror Writers Guild, and, if not join (because I am short of funds), I need to read all the instructions to get The Goat considered for the Bram Stoker. Don’t laugh, it could happen.
  4. I just joined The Bi Writers Association. There’s a Bi-Writers Annual Award that I would like to get in on. There’s some forms to fill out and an entry fee of $20. It seems pretty straight forward; I just got to talk Weasel into sending them a free physical copy.
  5. I made a Project Wonderful account. I even made one ad and I have my target: The Big Closet, a Transformation website. So, spoiler alert, The Goat has transformation in it. I just need to join the website (not really needed for Project Wonderful, but it was a cool website from way back when and I’d like to know how the ads are placed and who sees them. I do not see any skyscraper ads… and that was the one I made…) I also need to move monies over to PayPal.
  6. I already belong to Queer Sci Fi. They sent me a form to fill out to get The Goat announced. That sounds affordable because it’s free.
  7. I need to organize an m-bag of queer books for STOP-Homophobia. Not only is this an important organization and mission, but they have a book of the month page. The giveaway copies of the BOTM. I want in on that; but its almost cheaper to send 20 books to the UK rather than 2 copies. So Weasel, Thurston Howl, and maybe one or two more are going to send them 10 titles. It’s evil; but all in a good cause.
  8. Update all my myriad biographies all over the web.

So, that’s the plan. None of it is really as overwhelming as it seems, except perhaps the Horror Writers Guild. Navigation into the process was a bit overwhelming a few weeks ago (but in my defense, I was battling depression at the time). Making a list helped, but don’t tell anyone I said so.


Getting Started with Project Wonderful

My favourite webcomic is Sluggy Freelance by my fellow New Jersian, Pete Abrams. For a long time now, I’ve noticed the advertising on his space and I’ve occasionally followed it to some interesting sites. Those ads were from Project Wonderful and they were almost universally suggesting other webcomics or things of similar interest to me. These ads acted as referrals to me, although I never fell in love with them enough to replace Sluggy Freelance.

Honestly, it’s hard to beat a rabbit with a switchblade, IMHO.

Recently, however, I noticed Pete replaced Project Wonderful with AdChoices. I can only assume that the new ad server is generating more revenue for his site; which is important. is successful enough to support Pete between his “Defenders of the Nifty” and sales of his collections. Project Wonderful doesn’t guarnatee revenue on the ads, as they use this bid system, that can be best explained here.

So, instead of three ads on the one page for different webcomics or books, I have ads for Luke Cage on Netflix (of interest to me), an ad for Audible Books (or some interest to me), and an ad from The Golden Nugget inviting me to throw my money at them online (not really interested) today.

If I refresh the page I get two ads for Jo-Anns fabrics and a Hyundai.

Because the AdChoice advertisers are just throwing things out there to see what will stick and they can afford misses. Plus, if nobody clicks on the ad, they do not get charged as much. Or maybe at all.

As soon as I released that I missed those ads, I realized that I needed to start advertising with Project Wonderful. I figured since small webcomics were advertising with them, then they must be affordable. I figured that the situation must be very similar to webrings and Link Exchange (kids, ask your parents). My assumption proved partially correct; just add eBay’s automatic bidding system into the mix and there you go.

Its the bidding system that really gives that feeling of targeted interests and a sort of community that I got from the ads. An advertising may be spending money on this site and its a daily flat fee that they bid on that determines whose ads actually get on the site. And, just like with eBay’s autobidding system, the highest bidder wins, but the winner is only charged enough to win. So if Jack bets a ten cents a day, and Jill bets $1.00/day, then Jill only pays 11¢. That’s kinda exciting (if you’ve ever been in a bidding war on eBay, you know this feeling). And the system gives you the added benefit of potentially getting free exposure on a targeted website.

So, I joined up and downloaded their templates. I found the first site that I wanted to advertise on and I sent this morning creating a simple “skyscraper” ad for it. It was harder than it should have been because my photoshop skills were very rusty. But here it is for your perusal.

I will talk more on Project Wonderful as I move forward…

Thanks for stopping by!



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