Work In Progress: Interview with Sheela Lambert and the Bi Books Awards

When I offered to help out at the recent Bi Writers Association annual book awards in NYC, I was asked if I could stop and get fives for seed money. Most people were going to bring Twenties, after all, for a $15 cover charge. Easy enough!

But, along with the fives, my teller knowingly whispered that she had over $100 in two dollar bills. My wife and I are famous for using two dollar bills, because they quite often make people stop and smile. But I was especially pleased because on was my way to a Bi-Event and what could be more appropriate than a bi-dollar bill, right?

Of course, someone looks into the money box and they see the $2 bills and they questioned it. “Are those real?”

Yes, they're real. And they're fabulous.

Yes, they’re real. And they’re fabulous.

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