REVIEW: Goddess

by Arilin Thorferra

As a horror fan, giants hold a very special place in my heart. A childhood full of monster of the week movies made me into the horse I am today. Giants played no small (ahem) part in helping me see monsters as more often dangerously misunderstood creatures than outright evil figures.

And, yet, I don’t particularly find myself attracted to the giant mythos. Not that I’m against Macrofurry stuff. I do like transformation stories and I do like submissive characters; so there’s quite a bit of overlap there with size shifting. Continue reading

Raven’s Peak

Raven's Peak (World on Fire #1)Raven’s Peak by Lincoln Cole

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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The author’s a wonderful craftsman. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was a self-published work. There’s no flashy magic where demons and humans meet but the conflict comes across.

There’s this strange effect when a book is a tale told almost perfectly. And Raven’s Peak was told almost perfectly. The dialogue was flawless and the characters pulled me right in. So many things were handled flawlessly that it’s not fair for me to dwell on the negative, but I am from New Jersey. It’s what we do.

Abigail’s timeline of her life, interaction with demons, and Arthur seems a little bit off and it stuck with me largely because I thought it might be a plot point. By the end of the book, I’m thinking not so much… but then Raven’s Peak is part of a trilogy/series so maybe later.

The other flaws are of the factoid variety, so in retrospect, “catching” them is probably just me being an annoying “know-it-all.” So, all I am going to do with that is annoy myself. None of these things were plot-points or character building, so I’m letting those things go.

I’m very glad that there’s no romance building here; although, of course, Haatim and Abigail do forge a relationship of trust and respect, something that might turn into romance, later. If that happens, I suspect the author will let that happen organically.

I’m looking forward to getting my hooves the next segment.

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Poem by One of my Characters

i am a mouse
by Grey Wheeler

My lover, my master: I dare not escape
My giant, my keeper: I can not contest
The world forgotten: he is my landscape
Clutched to his chest, i happily rest

My lover is deep, i am shallow
My life ruled by his velvet glove
i am made smaller in his shadow
and i made larger by his love 

My lover cares not of my forgotten shame
He is god, my will is his to command,
His love is my breathe, my heart, the same
and i am content, in the palm of his hand