The Goat wins 2016 Cóyotl Award for Best Novella

The sixth annual Cóyotl Awards Ceremony was held this Saturday evening at Furlandia in Portland, Oregon. The awards seek to uplift works of furry literature and give the best of the year a chance to shine and perhaps get more public recognition.

Unlike its Furry cousin, the Ursa Major Awards, Cóyotl Awards are not open to public voting. The Cóyotl Award winners are the recommended, nominated, and ultimately selected by the members of the Furry Writers Guild. Continue reading


Work in Progress: Upcoming Interview with Siri Paulson of Turtleduck Press and an update to my challenge with Alexis Paulson…4/01/2017

One of the most interesting things I discovered recently was that a writer’s co-op press was a thing. As a child of the 70’s who grew up idolizing the Hippie esthetic, the idea of running off and joining an artist’s commune on a farm in upstate New York was more attractive than listening to my relatives and becoming a preacher. Or a rocket scientist.

Or even President. Although, in retrospect, maybe the world needs a bisexual horse who is ever so slightly genderfluid as President right now. Horse beats a jackass every time.

But, I digress. Continue reading