The Goat wins 2016 Cóyotl Award for Best Novella

The sixth annual Cóyotl Awards Ceremony was held this Saturday evening at Furlandia in Portland, Oregon. The awards seek to uplift works of furry literature and give the best of the year a chance to shine and perhaps get more public recognition.

Unlike its Furry cousin, the Ursa Major Awards, Cóyotl Awards are not open to public voting. The Cóyotl Award winners are the recommended, nominated, and ultimately selected by the members of the Furry Writers Guild. Continue reading


WIP & Rough Plans For May

One of the problems of being a draft horse, is that there’s never enough time in the day to sit down and type (it takes so much longer to type when the keys keep getting stuck in my hooves). It’s even worse when you’re a ROUGH DRAFT HORSE and you have trouble focusing.

To be honest, my follow-thru game is a bit more like fallow-thru, if you’ll ignore the farming pun.

Or if you won’t. Continue reading

Fred Patten reviews The Goat

I’ve looked forward to a review from Fred Patten almost since Red Ferret Press sent me a contract for The Goat: Building The Perfect Victim. And now, thanks to Dogpatch Press, I have it.

This book boasts – or warns – in a back-cover blurb that it delves into “the darkest, deepest reaches of human nature.” It isn’t pretty.

Frank, the narrator, seems like a total loser. He’s sullen, gloomy, depressed, works at a junk yard, and is in an abusive marital relationship. He keeps walking out on his domineering wife Kim, getting into a good relationship with some other woman, then Kim finds him, throws out the other woman, and starts her game of psychological dominance again.

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WORKS IN PROGRESS: Interview with Bi Activist Sheela Lambert and some stories.

IMG_20170409_200223Shelfies Interviews Sheela Lambert

Last week, I spent some time with Sheela Lambert, the founder and director of Bi Writers Association and the Bi Book Awards.

As you may or may not be aware, Bisexuals are the B in the LGBT sandwich in Queer culture. By the reckoning of some, bisexuals may outnumber gay and lesbians in the world. But by the reckoning of others, this is simply impossible as bisexuals do not exist to them.

Sheela Lambert has spent most of her adult life educating people about bisexuals and the danger and damage of BiErasure. She’s an inspiration. Interviewing her about the upcoming BiBook awards this summer was such a pleasure. I’m so glad that she was able to take the time away from organizing the tabulations of the votes for this year awards. Continue reading

Work in Progress: Upcoming Interview with Siri Paulson of Turtleduck Press and an update to my challenge with Alexis Paulson…4/01/2017

One of the most interesting things I discovered recently was that a writer’s co-op press was a thing. As a child of the 70’s who grew up idolizing the Hippie esthetic, the idea of running off and joining an artist’s commune on a farm in upstate New York was more attractive than listening to my relatives and becoming a preacher. Or a rocket scientist.

Or even President. Although, in retrospect, maybe the world needs a bisexual horse who is ever so slightly genderfluid as President right now. Horse beats a jackass every time.

But, I digress. Continue reading

Works In Progress: Upcoming Interview with Thurston Howl and a Challenge With Alexis A Hunter… 3/09/17

I really envisioned posting more often here, but here are two things going on in my creative life that I can talk about.

The first is I’m prepping to post my interview with the cute and talented Thurston Howl. The only thing left to do is bug him until I get a picture of his bookshelf. Hey, that’s why we call the column “Shelfies.” I think bookshelves and bookcases are some of the most revealing things in the universe. To be honest, I’m the type of Horse that whenever I see a bookcase in a porno, I just gotta zoom in on the book titles.

Umm, I promise the Interview is cleaner than that last image might imply.

But, be warned, I am getting Class Comics into my interview queue. 🙂 That’s another story.

Also… this happened:


I swear it’s a friendly thing. She wrote my favorite story of 2016 and I feel honored to be able to share a race like this. Plus we plan to swap completed stories when we’re finished.

Which is what I should be working on now that Thurston’s Interview is mostly done!

Carry On! And thanks for being out there.