Works In Progress: What? Me Worry Edition…


The above image is from an upcoming interview for Underground Book Reviews with Morissa Schwartz of GenZ Publishing. Alfred E. Neuman just sums up this past month as I watch the news. There’s a serial sexual predator in the White House, a suspected pedophile and racist with a good chance to bring to life the worst of every Southern stereotype with an even better than 50/50 chance of getting voted in as senator, and a man who was, at worst, an admitted masher leaving the senate, and at best the most logical man in DC… and he’s bowing out.

Damn god thing that I’m unemployed. I don’t know how I could drag myself to work and listen to my co-worker and their tribal and/or uneducated viewpoints. 

But I did drag myself to the “typewriter” every day in November and write a little more  each day about Cecil and Jinx, an alligator and cat in love in the storyverse, Aesop’s World, where I usually write my darker noir. My Brooklyn Blackie stories and Unbalanced Scales all take place in this universe (plug: These stories will be collected in Jaffa’s books COLD BLOOD, coming soon). I am desperately trying to keep bad things from happening to these two… but you know me. Nothing says love like blood and mayhem.

I am also working on a TF Xmas Story XChange for my TF mailing list. It’s a cool tradition the list has where we write a story for one another. It’s inspiring and it helps a writer stretch a bit to write with one target reader in  mind. I’ll post it here after its completed, if someone requests it. My target this year… transformation into a cartoon character.

And there’s all the usual fun of job seeking, too! But I’ll concentrate on that on which I can control. I volunteer locally and I really encourage that for anyone who is as concerned as I am (or more) with how things are shaping up.