Frycki at Pride Center

Work In Progress: The week of 11/10

This week I’ve been working on interviews, a book, and a short story,

The short story and the book are really one and the same thing. I wrote a furry story a few months back for this Kink anthology called Hide, featuring Cecil, an Alligator who takes in strays, and Jinx, a chatty Cat who was kicked out of his tribe for doing something naughty with his religious items. The Kink was textures and Jinx had a thing for furs and hides and that’s a problem when its the skin of your dead relatives. Well, you know me, in the early drafts, I kept killing everyone. But I retooled it and worked really hard to give these two a happy ending. When I was done, I thought these were the cutest couple.

And when I wanted to create a story for Roar #9 whose theme was RESISTANCE, I thought I’d return to Cecil and Jinx to create a story about the Alligator, who was established as a gay activist in the first story. I went way over the suggested character account, so I realized that I needed to cut a whole lot of stuff.

As I struggled with what to cut, I was told the Kink anthology had fallen apart, so HIDE was free. I decided to submit that to Fang 9 instead (which is ok, it pays better, but there is always the egoboost of being invited to submit to something), after renaming it QUIPUS, which means talking knots and is a great furry pun. So, between this story and the raw version of QIBLA (means Direction) I have over 30K words… so I might as well right a novel, right?

So, to continue with the Q trend, I am now writing QUEERS, although I hope inspiration will bring me a new title before it is done. Cecil and Jinx first dated when Jinx was a teenager and Cecil was twice his age. Jinx was of legal age, but Cecil would not have gotten involved with him if he had known. But after the events of Quipus, they got back together. And now, Cecil’s is being threatened to be exposed by a bigoted, pulling together some of the loose ends from the 2nd story.

In honor of NoNa, my goal is 50K between the three stories.

I’m also working on two interviews for Underground Book Review, Peter Frycki and Morissa Swartz. They needed some editing and I sort of put that off for awhile. Time to head to the formatting mines and dig into it!