WIP: Interviews with World Weaver, Jaffa, and Out In New Jersey…

For Underground Book Reviews’ Shelfies column, I’ll be formatting the interviews from three lovely people between loads of laundry and trying to keep Cecil and Jinx alive (my characters seem to run into horrible things… quite often).

I’m excited about all three of course, but Sarena Ulibarri of World Weaver Press was h2ijqmyn_400x400something of a wonderful surprise. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve checked out the submissions of WWP looking for a chance to break in (or the heart ache to discover that I hadn’t heard about the Equus Anthology until the window was closed). Oh well, someday my muse and my timing will get their crap together. In the meantime, an interview seems close enough for now.

Check out World Weaver HERE, if you haven’t already.

Equally exciting, for different reasons, is my interview with Peter Frycki  from Out in New Jersey Magazine. In this age of instant information and slumping magazine sales, indy magazine publishers and indy book publishers, face many similar issues… but with the added burden finding advertising revenues. Since I’ve met him in real life several times, I knew he’d make an interesting target interviewee.

Plus, Out in NJ is the only statewide queer magazine with a regular schedule in the USA. I’m pretty sure its the only slick LGBT+ magazine in NJ. It does important work and many of its interviews are about actors and performers that any one anywhere will want to read about. My advice: either get a subscription or book mark the page to visit at least once a week. There’s always a little something new there every week.

Jaffa Books is out of Australia, which automatically makes publisher J.F.R Coates incredibly hot interesting. But more importantly, Jaffa will also be putting out my collection of Aesop World stories, most of which star Brooklyn Blackie, my furry noir detective.


Art by Viergacht

The stories start in the Roaring Twenties with Shepard, a previously unpublished origin story that hints of Brooklyn’s unique set of “daddy issues,” then jumps ahead to the Post War Forties where Brooklyn struggles with murder and mysteries between romps with multi-species sexual partners.

Brooklyn Blackie premiered in “Inhuman Acts” with the story, Brooklyn Blackie and the Unappetizing Menu from FurPlanet. That anthology is chock full of great stories (it won the 2015 Cóyotl Award for Best Anthology), so you should pick it up here to give you something to read before my next book comes out.

You can see more art from my favourite cover artist here.