WIP & Rough Plans For May

One of the problems of being a draft horse, is that there’s never enough time in the day to sit down and type (it takes so much longer to type when the keys keep getting stuck in my hooves). It’s even worse when you’re a ROUGH DRAFT HORSE and you have trouble focusing.

To be honest, my follow-thru game is a bit more like fallow-thru, if you’ll ignore the farming pun.

Or if you won’t.

So, sometimes I need to post my to-do list, which is incredibly helpful if only because it actually requires that I sit down and write one out.

So, here are my Works in Progress:

I have an Interview With Sheela Lambert to type up for Shelfies. Straight up transcription is not my strong suit. Lazy horse that I am, I usually just send publishers a fill-in the blank form and double check that they don’t admit to smuggling Peter Beagle across many state-lines– which is a thing that happened. Because she’s not a publisher, but one of the leading voices in the Bi-Community and the organizer of the annual BiBook awards, I couldn’t just sent her a form letter. So I met her and had a nice chat that I recorded, just like I used to do for Comics Interview way back when.

Of course, back then, the publisher paid someone to transcribe them for me.

I never realized how hard transcription was! Especially for an anxiety prone pony who hates the sound of his own voice! And weeks later, I am still not finished. I can only do a few minutes at a shot.

A slew of other Shelfie interviews came in at the same time, so I have a glut of regular interviews to format and proofread. I had to fight the urge to put the hard stuff on the back burner… I need to get Sheela’s interview posted before the upcoming awards ceremony! Emotionally, it’s taking a toll I would have hated to admit years ago.

So, deep breath… I’ll have to slip into the yoke and balance it out somehow.

On the fiction front, I got two stories I’m working on, each helping me regain energy.

  • SHEPARD: This takes place in the prohibition era Brooklyn of Aesop’s World. It’s Brooklyn Blackie’s origin story in a way, told from the viewpoint of one of Blackie’s father figures. This begins a heavy & convoluted love-hate relationship with the man who would become the Police Commissioner in Cold Blood: Fatal Fables (Coming Soon from Jaffa Books).  This is on the front burner.
  • DUNSAVAGE: APE OF BRONZE: This a furry pulp tale in the spirit of Doc Savage. It’s on the back burner and about halfway done. It was started for the Furry Writers Guild anthology, but a bout of depression and obsessive world building derailed that whole bit. It takes place in the Aesop’s World, but in the 1930’s. Right now, the plot is just one damn thing after another, but I have a goal in mind. I want to introduce what magic there is in this universe.

On the bright side, I did sell two stories recently. One was a fetish story that had a happy ending with NO ONE GETTING HURT!  This is so rare for me. The other was a transformation TG s

tory that started out as “Carol has a Thing” and ended up as “Savages in Space.” Both tales are part of big secret projects that are on the DL, so I cannot say much more that


My To-Do List


Recent unrelated news: I finally rediscovered Fred Harper, Cover artist for Billy Joe Van Helsing: Redneck Vampire Hunter. I owe him a few copies of the comic from 1994… which I have… I find myself stalling get these out to him. It’s the fringes of depression that makes this

task feel much harder than it really is. My hope is that writing this down will help me convince myself that this is actually much easier than it feels like.

So, deep breathe… I’m taking my mom out to lunch for Mother’s Day… I almost missed the holiday as the darkness stalks me.  Then I’m going to come back and ignore the television and:

Transcribe a bit

Review some stories from Seven Deadly Sins

Format some interviews for Shelfies

Write personal

note to Fred, thanking him for being such a great guy and becoming such a great artist.

Then addressing the small box of copies that I have for him

Then writing a bit more of Shepard. As soon as I figure out how an unarmed Dog, bruised and beaten, is going to take on a dozen cultists who are ready to kill young Blackie in order to save his soul.

Wish me luck!