Fred Patten reviews The Goat

I’ve looked forward to a review from Fred Patten almost since Red Ferret Press sent me a contract for The Goat: Building The Perfect Victim. And now, thanks to Dogpatch Press, I have it.

This book boasts – or warns – in a back-cover blurb that it delves into “the darkest, deepest reaches of human nature.” It isn’t pretty.

Frank, the narrator, seems like a total loser. He’s sullen, gloomy, depressed, works at a junk yard, and is in an abusive marital relationship. He keeps walking out on his domineering wife Kim, getting into a good relationship with some other woman, then Kim finds him, throws out the other woman, and starts her game of psychological dominance again.

c6aeca87c3e1935bf04db21bf29201685f9ac733-thumbI have to admit that I was surprised that anyone would see Kim as domineering, BUT, I do try to write in such a way that peeps can build their own head cannon into the worlds I set before them… and add to the fact that Frank is not a reliable narrator, well, it’s true… he’d never admit to being dominated by a woman.

I love it when a review makes me look at my own creation and see it in a new way.