WORKS IN PROGRESS: Interview with Bi Activist Sheela Lambert and some stories.

IMG_20170409_200223Shelfies Interviews Sheela Lambert

Last week, I spent some time with Sheela Lambert, the founder and director of Bi Writers Association and the Bi Book Awards.

As you may or may not be aware, Bisexuals are the B in the LGBT sandwich in Queer culture. By the reckoning of some, bisexuals may outnumber gay and lesbians in the world. But by the reckoning of others, this is simply impossible as bisexuals do not exist to them.

Sheela Lambert has spent most of her adult life educating people about bisexuals and the danger and damage of BiErasure. She’s an inspiration. Interviewing her about the upcoming BiBook awards this summer was such a pleasure. I’m so glad that she was able to take the time away from organizing the tabulations of the votes for this year awards.

Now… all I have to do is type up the audiotape. My new phone picked up so much ambient noise in the park where we spoke, that I’m sorta of dreading it. BUT… it must be done. She’s doing important work with these awards and I need to give it a signal boost.

Of course, disclaimer time, I have a book (The Goat: Building the Perfect Victim) that is under consideration for the Horror award. I do not hold out much hope of winning as my narrator won’t admit to being either queer or Bi. It’s not a positive story and it’s violent… not the type of thing that elevates the Bisexual experience.  Still, disclaimer needed to be claimed.

The NJLGBT Chamber of Commerce

It all started with me looking for more vendors that we can dispatch for the company that I work for. We always need more plumbers, carpenters, repairmen, electricians, and painters for the facilities maintenance company that I work for and the problem when we rely on the internet to help us find then we often find the best people… the best at running ads, that it.

Well, you know, it occurred to me that I see a LOT of tradesmen in Gay Porn!!!

No, seriously, I went to my first LGBT networking several months again and I was introduced to the idea of a queer mafia LGBT Chamber of Commerce. I didn’t know about that… I had sort of known about the Pink Pages, but coverage was spotty where I really needed vendors… but I have visited a lot of Chamber Pages in search of  new vendors across the country. So, I thought I’d check out the National LGBT Chamber.

Sadly, my company couldn’t join the Chamber directly. Our owners are two straight men, so my company does not qualify. However, we could become sponsors and have access to their national list of members.

But Sponsorship for the National Chamber is several thousands of dollars a year. Our company is still healing after losing a major client more than a year ago, so we are not ready to commit to that yet.

The NJ LGBT is very open to having us sponsor and they seem to have a less formal structure for sponsors. We’ve spoken to them and I think we can work something else. My company even volunteered me to attend a Networking Breakfast last week, which they paid for. Which is amazing, especially when you consider the NJLGBT Chamber doesn’t really have any members that we need. No carpenters, no plumbers… not even landscapers.

I have a plan to fix that. I’ll keep you posted.

Typing Horse Is Also Typing Other Pieces of Fiction

I have three Works in Progress.

  • Horses: Building the Perfect Team… LGBT horror and transformation in the same universe that the Goat takes place in. I have less than 1k so far here.
  • Shepard… It’s Furry Noir in the 1920’s. It is sorta Brooklyn Blackie’s origin story. 10K here and not quite finished yet. This started as the story I was writing for THP’s Arcanna but it went a little too long and a little too long.
  • Doctor DunSavage, Ape of Bronze… Furry Pulp Fiction that takes place in the Aesop World universe where Brooklyn Blackie is from. I have about 18K so far, but its got a little bogged down. I plan to release this as two pulp novella in a flip book format (two covers, you read one novella and you flip it over to read the other… half of it is upside down)… of course, plans are nice, but I should finish the thing first.