COLD BLOOD: Fatal Fables

So, I recently got some good news!

Jaffa Books has accepted my collection of short stories that take place in the Aesop’s World setting. Aesop’s World is the furry setting that mirrors our own in some ways but adds religions that one wouldn’t find on a world with just one species.

Mostly these things are floating around loose in my head cannon, but as long as I have a blog, I figure I will write them out here, over time, so I sort of have them set in pixalated stone.

The new book has five stories. Three are new and two are reprints. Four of them deal with Brooklyn Blackie, my dual nature, bisexual detective. The fifth is a sequel of sorts to a Brooklyn Blackie story. These stories are in internal chronological order.

  • Brooklyn Blackie and the Dudeless Dude Ranch: Blaine Black is a former beat cop who also happens to be a cunning linguist with a lot of baggage. He goes to Las Vegas in search of a missing woman. Between public sex acts and fighting with his ex partner, the Wolf-Dog hybrid realizes the woman he’s been chasing is more than likely dead and not a woman…
  • Brooklyn Blackie and the Rainbow in the Dark: When a Dragon is fatally shot on his office steps, Brooklyn Blackie has to work with a Terrier detective that “heard things” about the Wolf-Dog and believes Blackie might be a vigilante. Despite his homophobia and (justified) suspicions of Blackie, he keeps the Hybrid close to keep an eye on him and take full advantage of his polyglot skills. This story explores the religion of the Chromatics.
  • Brooklyn Blackie and the Unappetizing Menu (Inhuman Acts, 2015): Out of funds, and ready to take an insurance job rather than starve, Brooklyn Blackie visits his closest Reptilian friend, Dice, to boost his spirits. Instead, he finds a tenement building of full of dead Repts, supposedly frozen to death. No one will believe that it was murder but the weirdo tenement owner. The Warm Blooded police force want to keep the case open only long enough for the coroner to sign the paperwork. But everything turns on a loose piece of coal, leading the Wolf-Dog down a darker path than simple murder, leading him down a world where cannibals wear tuxedos and dine in the darkest shadows.
  • Brooklyn Blackie and the Reverse Badger Game: Things are looking up for the bisexual Wolf-Dog and he’s ready to start a life with his Otter and his Bitch. The Otter is mobbed up, but, he has an exit plan that will keep them all safe. And the first step is gang-raping Brooklyn Blackie to prove to his crew who the top dog really is.
  • Unbalanced Scales (Roar 7, 2016): A Rept rap artist searches for love in all the wrong places. He plots against his more successful brother and his band mates. It’s not until he finds himself holding a gun against their father’s head that he realizes who’s been destroying everything.

I’ll have more details as they come out. Thanks for reading and sharing!