Marketing Notes: October Wrap-Up, November Day Dreams

Number one on my October To Do list was getting the vote out for The Goat for Undercover Book Reviews Pitch Perfect contest that week. I had a disappointing 8 votes, but it was still enough for me to win. So, now I have this badge:


And Bragging Rights, which is fun… and I have the potential for a book review there… or I should say that I “had” a chance for a book review. I agreed to do book reviews and interviews for UBR so that rules me out of the running. But that means more word of mouth for me.

Getting more blog interviews and reviews for October seems to have been limited to GingerNuts of Horror.I guess I wouldn’t want to be over exposed, eh?

I had wanted to hook up with the Horror Writer’s Guild; but that did not happen. The rules and bylines are still sending out some sort of anxiety vibe when I try to get close to them. So much for number 3 on my list.

Number 4 went better. I filled out the form for the BiWriter’s Book Awards, my publisher is sending them a physical copy this week, and I’m thinking that I may reach out to them for that column I’m starting for UBR. Watch this space for details.

It was number 5 on my October Things to do, but so far it’s the stuff I feel best about at the moment.

I’ve made a lot of headway with  Project Wonderful, setting up advertizing for The Goat across the net. Viergatch, my cover artist, had taken pity on me and made some perfect ads for me and I’m getting clicks, I don’t know if I’m getting sales, but the whole thing is costing me less than a dollar a day.

It’s actually a bit exciting, watching the ads go up and down. It’s a lot like eBay except there’s a math alegorerythym that is too complicated for me to explain.
I do have to go back in and set up links to amazon.UK for the overseas stuff. But here’s a screenshot of what I have going on today with that.
Queer Sci Fi continues to be a good source of chatting and community. They are hsting a contest for me, so that’s nice. If you want to win a signed copy of Roar 7, go HERE and comment with your email address hidden. QSF will pick a winner in the USA for me to ship to.
The M-Bag to STOP will be happening this month. I get charged for 11 pounds so there may be room for more books if I have less.Which reminds me, I need to reach out to Weasel and Howl and get the balls rolling. So that was 7.
Number 8 simply did not happen. But I did  write a story for (appropiately enough) the SLOTH section of Howl’s book of 7 Deadly Sins.  More on that later.
Number 8 is just going to have to slip in there during my odd moments.